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We are complete source for brazing/soldering products and minor metals in china over 15 years, is a leading metal joining manufacturer and supplying customers worldwire.

The products we supply:
Silver brazing filler metals, phos-copper, copper based brazing ,welding filler metals, thermal spray materials, aluminum alloy , stainless steel, steel, cast Iron and filler metals.
Welding ceramics,High-temperature applications ceramics, Wear-resisting Ceramics etc.

The forms you require:
Strip, rod, wire, flux coated wires and rods, powder, paste, engineered rings and shapes.

Being specialist in the solder/brazing industry and having the advantage of being the most experienced we offer the most comprehensive and widest range of solder/brazing alloys available. Suppliers to more than 22 countries world wide and well known to offer quality products at one of the most competitive pricing in the world.