·Brazing and Soldering alloys  
  (1) Copper Phosphorous Alloys
(2) Copper base alloys
    De-Oxidize Copper ,Specs. AWS ERCu
    Silicon Bronze, Specs. AWS ERCuSi-A
    Aluminium Bronze ,AWS ERCuAl-A1, ERCuAl-A2
    Low Fuming Bronze (bare brass and flux-coated brass),
    AWS RBCuZn-C, CDA681   
    Nickel-Silver , CDA773, AWS RBCuZn-D
    Tin Bronze, ERCuSn-A, ERCuSn-C
    High temp CDA548
(3) Silver brazing alloy
(4) Soft Solder alloys
(5) Aluminium base alloys
(6) Metal Powder
  ·Thermal spray materials  
  ·Welding wires  
    1) Carbon steel gas shielding welding wires
     AWS A5.18 ER70S-2, ER70S-3, ER70S-4, ER70S-6, ER70S-G
  2) Submerged arc welding wires
     AWS EL 12, EM 12, EH 14, EA4, EA3K, EB2...
  3) packing style images
  ·Refractory metals  
     Tantalum: Ta, Ta2.5W, Ta5W, Ta10W, TaNb
   Niobium: Nb, NbTa
   Tungsten: W, WNiFe, WNiCu, WCu
   Molybdenum: Mo
   Vanadium: V
   Titanium: Ti
   Cobalt: Co
   Chromium: Cr

  Forms: Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil, Wire, Rod, Ring, Disc, Tube, Part, Fabrication, Crucible, Target
  We can make various parts as per drawing.
  ·High purity metals  
     Tin metal
   Zinc metal
   Arsenic metal
   Antimony metal
   Bismuth metal
   Indium metal
  ·Minor metals  
     Arsenic metal
   Antimony metal
   Bismuth metal
   Calcium metal (lumps/turnings/granules)
   Chrome metal
   Indium metal
   Silicon metal
  ·Metal scrap/residues  
    We buy metal scrap/residues containing of tin, zinc, lead,bismuth, 
  silver, indium, gallium, tungsten.
     Antimony trioxide
   Arsenic oxide
   Lithium bromide solution / powder
   Stabilized zirconia
   High purity zirconium dioxide
   High purity oxide